Use these resources to create poems.

Use Piclit to create poems with drag and drop words and photos or use your own words and photos. Save the poetry to the website or email it.

This web site lets you sign up without an email address. Use the tools to help you get inspired and then format your poem in a unique way.

Instant poetry forms - click on the style of poem that you want to create and then type in your own words.

Drag words to create a poem.

Magnetic Poetry

Create a Diamante poem.

Favorite Poem Project:
Listen to Americans reading their favorite poem.

Modern American Poetry:
Children's Poetry:
National Poetry Month:
Poetry 180:
Poetry Archives:
Poetry for Kids:
Poetry Foundation:
Poetry Search Engine:
Poetry Teachers:
Poetry Writing:
Rhyme Zone:
What Rhymes with Squirrel?

Children's Poets and Their Web Sites:
Fizzy Funny Fuzzy:
Funny Poems and Children's Poetry by Robert Pottle!
Jack Prelutsky:
Kristine O'Connell George: Writer, Poet, Tadpole Rancher...
Shel Silverstein:
Ted Scheu, That Poetry Guy: