There are many ways to write and many sites to help you!

Wordle is a web site that takes what you have written and makes it into clouds. Use it to find out if your students are overusing words or to redirect them to the thesis of the paper. Frequently used words appear larger than less frequently used words. Use the ~ symbol to connect words that you want to stay together.

Kerpoof is a website that lets the user create stories, movies and drawings all on one site. It was recently purchased by Disney. With a free educator account, you can add students without additional email accounts.

Don't Use Said is an interactive way to teach students to choose a different word when writing.

Myths and Legends Use Story Creator 2 to make stories with audio and images that are preloaded.
Writing prompt activities for elementary students.

The story starter provides over 370,000,000 ideas and writer prompts.

Write a Fairy Tale using these prompts.

Write your own historical tale.

Organize your writing with text organizers.

Google Docs, Write, Share with documents and spreadsheets. Read the Terms of Service to see who may participate.
Story starters for high school.